And the Beat Goes On! Update on Digital Reading Program


My dear backers,

             We keep waiting for the shoe to drop as we press hard to get our project completed. So far, it has only been smooth sailing. 

An example screenshot from the Digital Reading Program

             Andrew and I met today to complete the video shoot of Lesson 36. Initially, we thought we might complete 30 Lessons of the 60 Lessons of the first level of the reading program by the end of December.  We are now finished 36 of 60 with a new aim to reach the full 60 lessons by the end of December. That would provide us with one complete level of the digital program as soon as we can connect the videos and the software that manages it. Needless to say we are pumped at trying to make this happen. We are averaging 6 lessons per week at this time. 

Nesda Technologies

            Meanwhile, Michael Summers and his Nesda crew are driving hard to keep pace with us. As expected, they are achieving their objectives on time and on budget. We are keeping meetings to a minimum on an “as needed” basis with only the people who are working on that particular aspect of the build. There is a weekly review by the technicians to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

            It is remotely possible that we may get a chance to test run a sample of the videos in the software framework before Christmas. We would then have a true prototype from which we would learn a lot. We will do our very best. More next week.

As ever, thanks for your continued support.



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