Back on Track – Update #45 on DRP – Feb 14, 2020


Dear Backers,

We are back on track at Nesda with our flu-bitten staff returning. We lose Monday as Family Day, but will be back on Tuesday.

Andrew has delivered another set of lessons to be fitted into the system. Some small editing issues of segments to be reshot so far in the editing arena. Expected to be 1-2 sessions for retakes.

Wilf Wilkinson has not yet heard from leading Rotarians regarding our pilot project with New Orleans charter schools. The people he wants to contact are now in India celebrating the 100th year of Rotary in India. No worries, we are not ready to start marketing yet.

Contact with homeschoolers continues to be difficult as they are a transient group. As their kids are finished school, the families tend to drop out of circulation. Thirty-seven of seventy-one groups that I contacted last week were no longer involved.  My introductory e-mail was undeliverable. I am beginning to search for other options to find contacts in this marketplace.  At the moment, we could connect with almost 1,000 homeschooling families indirectly through their associations. Just a drop in the bucket of the 1.2 million homeschooling families of North America.

We are still on schedule for a March 16 completion date.

Thanks for your time and assistance.


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