Behavior Analyst Feedback on Digital Learning- Update Dec 6 2020


It has been two weeks since I reported. We did not get a host of requests for new information nor complaints for switching to a twice per month reporting format so we are going to maintain it. 


We have our first review by a behavior analyst who also happens to be an investment professional. He gave the system high marks for its integrity as a piece of software. He criticized it as not being applicable to large classroom settings because it requires a monitor. He did not understand that it is designed for use in clinics, special education settings and homeschool classrooms where it will mostly be used in a one-on-one teaching situations. It was designed to be used by a tutor or teacher to sit with a student 

This is a teacher-aid and not student-directed tool.

I have responded to make sure he is aware of the audiences our digital reading program is intended to serve. Andrew and Michael and his Nesda team can take a bow for the excellent final product, despite all of the obstacles they faced. 


Andrew is loading the final lessons into the system. Then he will do a final edit of the system to see if there are any hiccups.  We will finally have a finished product. It is already being used and is running like a Ferrari. The number of customer service calls is dropping rapidly. Most of them are from people with limited computer skills who need to be walked through the sign up process.


Mark has set up and run the marketing effort and the budget that drives it. That budget is very lean, and the marketing campaigns are highly targeted. It is working, just not at the pace we would like. Dr. Will Burrow’s offer to subsidize U.S. public school teachers is being prepared for kick-off in the new year.

Imagine that – helping out public school teachers and making their lives better in this crazy time with a reliable digital assistant that gives them an extra pair of hands!!


I have been doing a host of webinars and am actively seeking more. Today the University of New Mexico requested a 2-hour webinar for early next year. Fortunately, these webinars provide a payment which we are using to beef up the marketing budget. So far, those honorariums have added almost $US 3,000 to our efforts, approximately half of this year’s  marketing budget. It is also the exposure that is as important as the dollars.

The NOLA pilot project

Unfortunately, with almost 800 students and staff quarantined  with Covid-19 and the numbers rapidly rising, we have made no progress with this project.

I will send one more report before Christmas. Be safe.  Please keep up your support.



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