Chugging Along – Update on DRP June 12 2020

This week had one significant breakthrough. We have resolved the issue of measuring the progress by the students on how well they are learning their sounds, their word lists made from those sounds and the stories constructed from words they can now read.

The next set of lessons is ready to be uploaded. Andrew is hopeful that he will reach Lesson 15 of 60 during the next week. He has been a huge part of this project. 

The Rotary project to provide parents and teachers with carefully constructed proven lessons continues to gather speed. We tend to have more families downloading materials each day than we had the day before. Yesterday we had 19 new downloads. This week almost another 1000 lessons were downloaded.  The pattern continues of families downloading a small sample of lessons and then returning a few days later to download a lot more. This gives us the sense that they are finding the lessons useful, although we have no data to confirm this.

We have set up 2 webinars under the auspices of Behavior Development Solutions. The first one on July 15th features Adrianna Horne teaching her 2 sons, one of whom is autistic, using Maloney Method. The second on July 17th is a one-hour promotional launch that Andrew and I will do for approximately 35,000 autism therapists. It will describe our new digital reading product and the simplicuty it brings to their world. It is a paid event for which they receive continuing education credits. Both webinars should earn us some money.

We have sufficient financial resources to last us through the month. We will soon have a stream of revenue from the reading program so we should remain solvent going forward.

Thanks for your trust and your financial support. It is now clear that we will cross the finish line unless some horrific event occurs. You have been a major factor in our upcoming success.



Screen Shot of the DRP Story Reading Fluency Check 1

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