First Prototype is Here!!! – Update #56 on DRP – May 1, 2020


This has been a banner day!

 Today, Michael Summers and his Nesda crew sent us the first version of the prototype to test. It is loaded with 5 of the 60 lessons. There are still things to add such as the measurement system and there will likely be minor changes to make, but we now have a prototype to test!

Also today, as we struggle to stay afloat financially, we received a $US 3,000,00 book order from a school in Florida.  That keeps the wolf from the door for a few more days.

To assist in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, we put more than 100 free lessons for parents to use to teach their kids. These are step-by-step lessons in reading and math that we have used successfully for 45 years.  Wilf Wilkinson has been the driving force to get the word out through Rotary.

Today also, the information project headed by Past Rotary International President, Wilf Wilkinson succeeded in having the news of our free lessons for parents and kids distributed to members of 54 Rotary Clubs that cover Ontario from Belleville to Mississauga to Barrie. The announcement of these free lessons is published in the monthly Rotary District 7070 district newsletter.

John Sherrat of 95HitsFM has arranged an interview with Wilf and local Rotary Literacy Chair Sharon McConnell to spread the word to Quinte families. 

In the coming weeks, while Andrew and the Nesda crew ferret out the imperfections in the program, Mark Bishop and I will begin preparing our marketing and advertising campaigns to specific segments of our market (homeschoolers, therapists, teachers and parents). 

Indiegogo is still withholding our funds. I have launched a complaint through the Better Business Bureau and am awaiting a response. We have several other strategies to unleash if they choose to ignore us.  I refuse to see more than $5,000 of our backers money lost to us because, “they cannot find our account.” Our backers deserve better.  Indiegogo just poked the bear.

UPDATE: The funds on hold have been resolved! Indiegogo sent us the reserve funds from the fundraising campaign. It looks like all of the April showers will be bringing May flowers!



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