Latest News – Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign, August 23, 2019


We have now collected all but one of our biggest pledges and it is in process as I write. With any luck, we will hit $40,000 by the end of the weekend.

We are in the slowdown portion of the campaign that is predicted to follow the launch. We have added three short postings to all of our internet channels to boost their production. We cannot predict the effects as this is our first campaign, but if they do not flourish, we will try other options.

 I am now implementing the second phase of the campaign. I am asking friends, relatives, colleagues and anyone with a pulse to buy a reduced-rate subscription. They get a $240.00 subscription for $100.00.

Their subscription is gifted to a non-profit literacy group like Amarok Society. Amarok has 22 schools in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh with a couple of thousand kids and 250 mothers as students. They cannot afford to go to school, so Amarok is bringing school to them. There are many similar programs which we could help at home and abroad. I have personally been working with Amarok for the past dozen years. They need all the help we can provide.


This second phase activity will continue until the end of the campaign. We have also added recommendations from 7 well-know authorities in the applied behavioral analysis field.  That should affect the perceptions of about 100,000 practitioners with whom we are connected.

Keep SHARING everything you see on the Internet related to our project. not “LIKE”, not “Comment”  – Share, because it reaches more people.

Thanks to all!

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