New Statistics: Almost 30% of Alabama College Students Require Remedial Education


An article appeared in the Dothan Eagle yesterday morning. It is a sample of the current state of literacy in America. Some of its findings include:

  • Nearly a third of first-year college students have to take remedial reading or math classes
  • This costs colleges money because they must invest dollars and staff in providing remedial classes for students
  • This costs students money because it takes longer for them to finish college
  • The frustration of having to take the same courses over and over again can lead students to leave school early

This is the current situation? Really!!! Tell me it isn’t true!!!

So after a dozen years and at least 2 levels of remediation at elementary and secondary school, a third of students are still not taught to read sufficiently well to benefit from further education and/or training.

Ridiculous when you consider that we solved the problem over 40 years ago, but refuse to implement the solution. Well, at least public school systems have refused the solution. A number of us, mostly now in private practice have used the research to build the solutions that catch students at risk up to their peers at double quick time.

A Case Study of Remedial Success

The Maloney Method has been doing so for 35 years now. Recently I helped a 21 year-old student who placed in the 1st percentile in reading to learn to handle the college level textbooks for his electrical apprenticeship course. He passed all six required courses. The entire process took 16 weeks, during 12 weeks of which he worked full-time.

The waste of money, time, human capital and the well-being of the country is described in this article. The option is described in the case study above. Anyone interested?


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