Official Launch: Fourth Series of the Maloney Method Course at University of West Florida


On April 1, 2019, the University of West Florida hosts the official launch of the fourth series of the Maloney Method Integrated teaching strategies course. Three major behavioral methods combine to assist individuals with language and literacy deficits, including those on the ASD spectrum.

The 12-week long course is the largest amalgamation of Behavior Analysis, Direct Instruction, Precision Teaching and Fluency Building Practices. This teaching method started in 1975 with Michael Maloney and Eric and Elizabeth Haughton in Belleville Ontario, Canada.

In 1979, Maloney established the original, for-profit, behaviorally-based learning center and school in North America. His local school district rejected the methods and dismissed him and Eric Haughton, despite their consistent successes with at-risk students.

The course provides 12 CEU credits and extends over 12 weeks with 6 video presentations and 6 live labs. All materials are archived to provide maximum flexibility for the registrants, many of whom will likely be Board Certified Behavior Analysts working with children and youth on the autism spectrum.

The initial pilot project, which concluded in June of 2018, received consistently high reviews from the students involved.

The course registration is open to the first 50 registrants who sign up.

The course costs US$ 399.00.

Click here to go directly to the University of West Florida Course Description.

Call Michael at 1-877-368-1513 (EST zone). Leave a message, time zone and good time to return the call.

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