The End of the Beginning – Update Dec 19 2020



      This week marks the end of the beginning. We now have a finished product ready to ship globally by Internet from our website – All 60 lessons of Level 1 Reading NOW AVAILABLE!

Technical Issues

      We are in the midst of deciding on how to add a data chart to the system. We have two options. Both are being explored and a decision should be made in the next couple of weeks as the financial impacts of each choice becomes more clear.


   We are already launched into the autism therapy and homeschool markets with Infusionsoft email campaigns, magazine  ads, special Internet blogs, podcasts and webinars. We do appreciate that this is the low season for purchasing educational materials. We have already set in place marketing plans for the spring and winter months after the holiday season.


    We are bootstrapping our marketing effort as we did our development work.  It means a meagre dollar amount each month, but it forces us to consider our choices carefully. 

    We recently had an approach from a possible financial backer. I am writing a plan and looking at negotiating some kind of arrangement. It is too early to speculate on what, if anything, this might mean. 

NOLA Project

     There is not likely to be any movement on this front until the new year. We need to communicate with the Rotary clubs that are involved and set an arrangement with a specific charter school and its sponsoring Rotary partner. Hopefully, this can be accomplished quickly despite the turmoil all parties have been dealing with over the fall term. 

The Pandemic

    We are continuing to do almost all of our development and marketing virtually. We are attempting to follow all of the public health guidelines to keep everyone safe.  The impact is real and it does make every phase harder, but there really isn’t any other responsible option. We simply must live with the restrictions until the vaccines have had their effect. Be safe, Mask up, Wash your hands, Stay home, Keep apart, and be responsible for the sake of your own health and that of all the people you care about.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. See you in 2021


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