The Final Exam – Update Sept 12 2020



The Teach Your Children Well digital reading app is now a tested prototype. It is in the final stages of beta testing and is functioning smoothly.  We have successfully managed to get our first cadre of 12 testers through the process of using the program. We are now about to launch a second cadre of testers who will attempt to download the app without any assistance from customer services. These individuals are being selected now and will be given the download link as soon as Andrew has completed the minor changes from the feedback from the first cadre of testers.

Nesda Technologies has been particularly vigilant over the past 2 weeks of testing which we have especially appreciated. We hope that in about 1 more week we will be able to completely take over the surveillance of customer service issues from them. 


Marketing campaigns have begun with two major groups of homeschoolers, a total of approximately 50,000 families, some of whom might be duplicated and receive the new product information twice.  E-blasts to both groups have been prepared and will be launched before the end of the month. The e-blast will appear before a couple of hundred thousand prospects.

A product announcement will also be sent  by Behavior Development Solutions in the next 10 days to 50,000 therapists who work with children in need.

We also have almost 10,000 Linked-In team members who have asked to join our Maloney Method group. We have e-mail addresses for approximately 3000 of these contacts. We are devising an Infusionsoft marketing campaign, a series of 6-10 emails to reach and provide information to these contacts.

The New Orleans Charter School project

Past Rotary International President Wilf Wilkinson is making a faster recovery from his surgery than the New Orleans Charter Schools are from their battle with the Coronavirus.  As of today, the schools remain closed with a possible opening date of September 17th.  Should that opening succeed, these schools will need at least two weeks to get their feet under them and be able to deal with accepting free softwar gifted to them by Rotary clubs in the U.S and Canada.  We will mind the back burner until we can move this project to the front burner. Brian Hall, a Louisana Past District Govenor, and Sharon McConnell, Literacy Chair for the Belleville Rotary club are being updated regularly.

Next Steps

The Rotary sponsored “free lessons” project to assist parents and teachers during the COVID19 crisis has been converted to a $1.00/lesson program to continue to assist parents and teachers. Over 75,000 lessons were downloaded over a period of 5 months. Unfortunately, our book revenues dropped by about 90% in sales to current customers which forced the cancellation of the free lessons project.


    We will finish the Beta testing with the second set of testers, adopt the necessary changes that result from their feedback and launch before the end of this month. 

Once we launch, we will begin distributing the perks owed to our donors. This will be a work of great pleasure. Many of our donors have gifted their copy of the app to Amarok Society who are assisting women in Bangladesh to teach themselves and their communities children to read. Our app should make their job incredibly easier.

Thanks for your support in this project.


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