Things Keep Looking Up – Update on DRP – May 8, 2020


Michael S of Nesda and Andrew are pushing the development program as fast as they can. This week a couple of more important pieces were added. Andrew is becoming more deeply involved in the technical complexities of the program which will be a great benefit once Nesda turns the reins over to us. They will still have an active support role because they host our entire website.

Past Rotary International President, Wilf Wilkinson, had a very successful week. Wilf and Sharon McConnell, the current Belleville Rotary Literacy Committee chair, were interviewed by Radio Station 95.5 Hits FM by Mark Philbin.

We have a copy of the interview and will be putting it up on our social media in time  – Facebook and Youtube.

Mark also created a PSA (Public Service Announcement) about Rotary’s literacy help for our community. Wilf also arranged to a blog to be broadcast internationally through Rotary International’s digital portals. He and Sharon McConnell will be featured in the blog. On Sunday, Wilf celebrates his 90th birthday. I hope I am that competent if and when I hit 90 years of age. Happy Birthday Mr. Rotary Interational Past President.

Steve Eversole, a colleague from Middlebury, Connecticut, owns a company that trains behavior therapists. Steve heard of our making free lessons available to parents and teachers. He offered a free spot in his newsletter in order to share the news with 35-40,000 therapists, most of whom work with disadvantaged children. The newsletter was sent out today.

After filing a second complaint with the Better Business Bureau against Indiegogo, the  crowd funding company suddenly “found” our lost account and deposited the $5,100 dollars into our chequing account. That will hold the wolves at bay for another week or so. We are very confident now of being able to fund this project to its finish. Whew!! So good to have the support of so many generous backers. 

We have had a steady line of people signing up for the free lessons. We have had several calls with questions, but no significant problems.  We will continue adding lessons as quickly as we can. When we are finished, there will be approximately 500 lessons in reading, math and spelling for those parents, teachers and therapists who are helping children learn more easily.

See you next week.


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