We Have Lift Off! Fundraising with Indiegogo and You!



What an exhilarating feeling!

This week we launched our first Indiegogo campaign. The Maloney Method is raising funds in order to convert our powerful, proven, and successful reading program from ink and paper to digital audio and video.

A digital reading program could reach millions of students struggling to learn how to read. A digital reading program removes the problems of instructor training – lesson presentation is consistent, clear and easy to follow, especially with our direct instruction format.

With one project, we can make something incredibly reliable and scalable, changing how we think about education. This is it! This is the way to make an impact on education. This is how we are going to be the change we want to see in education!

Click this link to see more information about the project. We are offering special perks to backers, such as subscriptions to the digital reading program, which would be beneficial to teachers, tutors, education centres, behavior therapists, homeschoolers, and more!

Please contribute to the cause and share with everyone you know!



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