What The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has to say about the Maloney Method


What The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has to say about the Maloney Method

Like all areas of endeavor, homeschooling has its share of magazines, newsletters, e-news, etc. We have been reviewed by several of them over the years, usually after we had written an article for them. The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, pioneered by Paul and Gina Saurez, became one of the fastest-growing homeschooling magazines as the movement gathered momentum in the middle and late 1990’s. It is still going strong today.

Since they did offer product reviews as a feature that would help homeschoolers select effective programs, we submitted the first two levels of Teach Your Children to Read Well for their review. The review was written by Karen Houston, Lead State Co-ordinator for the magazine.

Some of Karen’s comments were as follows:

  • The books concentrate first on consonants, followed by vowels, then simple phonic combinations.
  • New words are introduced in clear easy combinations according to most frequently used words.
  • Short vowel and long vowels, with consonants and accentuations are repeated
  • Then some compounds are introduced.
  • As the child progresses more vowels, compounds, short stories and sight word fluency recognition repeat.
  • The pages are very clear and large with good spacing and easy-to-read sized print.
  • As the lessons become more advanced, graphics are introduced to hold the interest of the learner
  • Our student proclaims them “cool”, so what more can be said?
  • Mom’s most favorite outstanding feature was the teacher-student work review at the end of each section which was quite thorough.
  • There are progress charts in the back as well.
  • Grading couldn’t simpler- just pop your scores in and you’re good to go.

The bottom line is that this is easy, easy, easy to use with the potential for tremendous results in your struggling or beginning reader
– The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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