Working Out the Bugs – Update #47 on DRP – Mar 6, 2020


The shell for our project is now complete.  Thank you Nesda. Now it is time to work out the bugs. Michael Summers and I agreed on a completion date of March 16th, 2020 given that we allowed them a three-week interruption with our project to deal with a Nesda client’s emergency security needs.  They then were struck by the flu bug and missed an additional week.

As of today, we are going to be within 4 days of our March 16th prediction. According to Michael Summers, we will see our first demonstration of the first 4 lessons of our prototype on March 20th. Despite upsets, we have finished this stage.

 Andrew continues to edit the lessons. He is approximately half-way through the 60 lessons and is able to do 4-5 per week. The fully edited program will need approximately 6 more weeks (mid-April) to complete.

99 little bugs in the code...

At that point, Andrew will begin adding the remaining 56 lessons to the shell. According to Nesda, this is a relatively easy, but time-consuming process for which we have only a rough estimate. Our best guess is 10-12 weeks (mid-to-end of July) to load and beta test the system. That will provide a launch date of July 15th for beginning our sales efforts. We can fill orders and add the remaining lessons after a sale in sets of 10 lessons. 

Once we have proof on March 20th that the system works, we can begin the “coming soon” marketing effort. By then, Past President Wilf may have made the arrangement with our Louisiana Rotarian to provide the reading program to a needy New Orlean’s charter school. He is on top of this slow moving, but important pilot project.

 I will provide a clearer picture of our marketing plan next week. Thanks one more time for your faith and support.



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