Overcome Common Hurdles With At-Risk Children

I was at a loss and desperate for help with my 3rd/4th grade reader. I was afraid she was going to never read. She hated books, and a trip to the library was a nightmare.

After using your reading books with her and spending on e on one time with her she grasped onto reading like I thought I would never see… She now LOVES reading and drives me nuts to go to the library. Now, instead of checking out toys and videos form the local public library, she checks out books.

She has actually begun her own library on “Lions”. Now her interests are in China and Africa. She is making her own library of that too. She is making her own library of that too. She is taking information from all these books she gets and is writing her own notes and using photos from the books to create a library.


– Melinda Ward

The Maloney Method combines three research-backed educational strategies into a single system that works for all children.

Help Your Child Focus

Behaviour Management

Using a tried-and-true built-in plan of positive reinforcement, your child will learn how to focus on all lessons.

One-On-One Teaching That Works

Direct Instruction

Use a step-by-step method characterized by intensive one-on-one interaction. You show the child what needs to be learned, you do it together, and then your child independently demonstrates his or her learning.

Measuring Progress

Precision Teaching

This method means you can measure your child’s progress daily, and Children at Risk Case Studies find out if the teaching worked.

Other Key Advantages

  • Every child learns 2 to 2.5 times more in one year at a tenth the cost of a private tutor
  • Ten free lessons – watch your child improve before you buy 60-day money-back guarantee
  • The Maloney Method can be customized for the learner
  • Expert, personal guidance and follow-up availableMeasuring Progress