The Maloney Method is being used successfully with ASD-diagnosed clients at the Behaviour Institute in Toronto and Hamilton, with behaviour therapists in Seattle, and at the Hong Kong Junior School.

I’m a behavior therapist who has been using the “Teach Your Children to Read Well” Program for a few months now. I love this program and the built-in fluency checks are wonderful!”

I have been using it to teach an autistic boy who is in a fully included 3rd grade classroom and he is really responding well… Thank you so much for creating fun and effective teaching tools!

Overcoming Common Hurdles with Autistic Clients: Behaviour Management

The Maloney Method’s detailed plan of positive reinforcement is ideal for helping autistic children prepare to learn, and to retain their learning. The teacher provides an encouraging acknowledgement every time the child behaves in a desired way.

Intensive One-On-One Teaching

The easy-to-follow plan of direct instruction and its teacher-directed and fast-paced presentation is well-suited to higher-functioning autistic children. It’s highly-scripted, allowing for constant one-on-one interactions. Teachers are led step-by-step through this detailed system for instructional delivery. The steps include the teacher identifying the material to be learned, then practising with the learner, followed by the learner independently demonstrating skills or knowledge.

Measuring Success

The Maloney Method’s use of a precision teaching system is uniquely suited for ASD-diagnosed children and other clients. The child’s ability to fluently use acquired learning at higher levels is enhanced by this easy-to-follow plan for the measurement of learning and teaching effectiveness.

One of my teachers (public school) started with a transfer student this fall. He came from a self-contained class. His IQ had been repeatedly measured in the mid to low 70s. He had a diagnosis of autism.

My teacher started him on Teach Your Children Well and some other literacy strategies. He was “reading” on the K level. It is now May and this young man is mow reading at the low end of the 5th grade (about a year below grade level). We have had only a couple of other students make fivers of progress in less than an academic year…

I am blessed with teachers who believe in kids and who use Precision Teaching and Direct Instruction and creativity to generate learning.

– Will Burrow



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