Not a “qualified teacher”? Don’t worry!

The Maloney Method provides you with a research-backed, proven curriculum that’s easy for every parent to follow.

Overcome Common Homeschooling Hurdles

Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Every step of the process is spelled out for you. Start by showing your child what he or she wants to learn, and then practise doing it together. Your child now has the knowledge and confidence to independently demonstrate his or her learning.

Molly’s assessment to my question about the program: “It’s coooool. It’s a lot ‘funner’ than the other thing you were doing with me, Mooommm.”

– Anne Malone, Homeschooler from Ohio

Help Your Child Focus

Your child will stay engaged for all the lessons because of a built-in system of positive reinforcement.

Track Your Child’s Progress

The Maloney Method includes a simple way to measure your child’s performance. By regularly monitoring progress, you can recognize your child’s success and discover learning hurdles.

Can I Afford This?

Using The Maloney Method, your child can at least double the speed of learning in one year at about a tenth the cost of a private tutor (results published in the Journal of Precision Teaching).