Why It Works

The Maloney Method teaching model is a combination of four proven educational strategies backed by authoritative research:

  1. Behavioral Objectives & Learning Outcomes
  2. Behavior management
  3. Direct Instruction
  4. Precision Teaching

Teachers are able to:

  • Use easily-measurable learning outcomes and behavioural objectives
  • Achieve instructional control through focused and systematic one-on-one teaching, and by providing positive reinforcement for diligence and success
  • Use three easy-to-follow instructional delivery steps: show the student what’s to be learned, practise it together, and monitor the student’s independent demonstration of learning
  • Apply easy-to-use measurement system providing immediate feedback on progress, problems and possible options
  • Use directed practice to ensure the student is getting it right, and not practising errors
  • Monitor student’s independent demonstration of learning to a measureable level of fluency

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