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Maloney Method’s Digital Reading Program

25% of North Americans are functionally illiterate and it has remained that way for generations. 50% of North Americans cannot understand or use information that is written at a beginning high school level. If you are reading and understanding this, stop for a moment and think of the millions who cannot.

We have a solution for this with reliable, consistent Direct Instruction lessons now in a video format.

This digital reading program will change a student’s life. The program can be used in the home with family, at a school with at-risk kids, or in an education centre that focuses on special needs students.

This is now a 5-Lesson sample with over 50 videos in the playlist!

The videos follow the tasks from Lesson 1 to 5 of Teach Your Children to Read Well Level 1.

If your student needs more practice, replay the lesson. You may watch the lesson for as many times as your student needs practice.

If your student is doing well, go on to the next task. The program does the teaching for you! You simply decide on the pace and progress of your student!

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Digital Reading Program Level 1 Lessons 1-5


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Digital Reading Program –
Sample Lessons Table of Contents

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