Responding to the Literacy Crisis

The Challenge

35% of children have difficulty learning to read and 25% may never learn.

Nearly half of all adults have low literacy levels and are not prepared for the demands of a changing world. If nothing is done, the number will increase by 25% in the next 15-20 years (Canadian Council on Learning).

Four in 10 high school students, two in 10 university graduates, and six in 10 immigrants have insufficient reading skills. Canada is losing billions because of illiteracy. Governments have launched literacy programs, but there’s not much evidence they’re working. (Toronto Dominion Report – Literacy Matters)

But change CAN happen…and HAS happened!

Michael’s Response

A high school teacher frustrated by public education’s lack of response, Michael took his systematic and proven learn-to-read plan and struck out on his own. He built his own learning centre for children and adults, and it grew to more than 20 such facilities across North America. The Maloney Method is now used successfully around the world.

After 20 years’ success teaching children and adults the basics of reading, writing, spelling and math at twice the normal rate, Michael wrote Teach Your Children Well, a book chronicling all of it.

Teach Your Children Well is now in its third printing, a best-seller at more than 15,000 copies.

Michael received the 1998 “Write for Canada” Beginning Author award sponsored by Chapters.

The Reviews – Teach Your Children Well

(Source: customers at

“If you have a loved one who could be considered illiterate or has trouble reading, this is a must-read!”

“Parents learn that their children are failing because of the ineffective classroom methods used, not their child’s ‘learning disabilities’…research proves there is a better way and I thank Michael Maloney for compiling that truth into a book that will bring hope and help to the parents and children who know the despair of failing to learn.”

“Teach Your Children Well was written by a man who has done it himself. We should listen to him WELL.”


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