Free Math Assessment Test

Addition and Subtraction

Present each of the tasks listed below in the order in which they appear. Time each task for 30 seconds. Record the correct and error scores for each task. If the student cannot attempt the task, end the screening and place them at the beginning of the program for that operation, either addition or subtraction.


  1. Count by 4’s for 30 seconds.
  2. Count by 7’s for 30 seconds.
  3. Complete each addition question.
    Addition 01
  4. Complete each addition question.
    Addition 02
  5. Complete each addition question.
    Addition 03
  6. Answer this word problem:
    17 sheep are in the meadow. 46 more arrive. 27 follow them into the meadow. 41 cows also come into the meadow. How many sheep are in the meadow?
More than 2 errors? PLEASE SEE BELOW

Begin with Lesson #1 of Teach Your Children Math Well – Addition and Subtraction Fluency

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Addition and Subtraction

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