Michael Maloney


Michael Maloney Portrait Photo

Michael Maloney is an educator, researcher, writer and speaker with over 50 years of hands-on experience in both the private and public education sectors. He has used this experience to pursue his dream of sharing his highly effective teaching methods with people around the world.

With 40 years of teaching experience, 25 learning centers around the globe, & 34 books to his credit, it’s no wonder he was named Canada’s Literacy Educator of the Year in 2001.


For the past 15 years, Michael has offered his expertise in Behavior Management, Direct Instruction and Precision Teaching through his reading spelling and math curricula. His methods for teaching effectively have taught 100,000 students to read well. More than 3,000 home schooling families in North America benefit from Michael’s Teach Your Children to Read Well series each year.

“It is refreshing to find someone who not only stands behind his products, but will go the extra mile to help ensure my success with them. Thank you again.”
– Marsha James, Camp Hill PA


Michael’s proven ability to help students become high-performing readers has the attention of parents around the world. His work has been widely used in private Learning Centers, in Public Charter Schools, as well as in the homes of foster parents, and home schooling families.

In other projects, Michael has been helping to establish a school for autistic children in Hong Kong, China. His methods are proving to be highly effective, increasing the student’s ability to learn and focus while they become fluent in reading, language, math and spelling.

“Mr. Maloney decided he would take all of that educational research and create his own materials that would work and work well, even for students that traditionally had difficulty learning…”

– Dr. Anne Margaret Wright, review of Teach Your Children Well in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine


Michael Maloney was also a Rotarian and was proud to offer his expertise as the Literacy chair person of his local Rotary Club in Belleville, Ontario. Michael and his committee have developed a catalogue called Rotary Reads, which consists of several literacy programs recently adopted by Rotary International to assist it’s 23,000 clubs world-wide, increasing the literacy skills of those who would otherwise not have the opportunity to read or have access to books.

Michael’s literacy committee also instituted the Each One Teach One literacy program for underprivileged children as part of the Belleville Rotary Club’s community service. Partnering with the local YMCA and an outreach church, volunteers teach children at risk to read.

“The Maloney Method was based on research and experience with “at risk” children. It is highly successful at teaching basic skills to this group.”

– Mary Pride, Practical Homeschooling, Nov/Dec 2001


Work Experience

  • Founder and CEO of “Teach Your Children Well” 1999
  • Co-author of 34 “Teach Your Children Well” books
  • Founder and CEO of “QLC Educational Services” 1979
  • Principal-North Elementary School, Portland, Maine. Educational Psychologist, Hastings County Board of Education
  • Classroom teacher-Frontenac Board of Education, and Regiopolis College Kingston, Professor, Loyalist College of Applied Arts and Technology
  • Trainer, University of Oregon, Dept. of Special Education.
  • Follow-Through Project on-site training, Cherokee, North Carolina and Abermarle, Virginia. Lecturer-Queens University, Kingston, Ontario-Extension Dept. Child Development course.
  • Instituted province-wide program for training of front-line staff in group homes & institutions for handicapped individuals. (now known as the Personal Service Worker college course)

Education and Certification

  • Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy)
  • Elementary Teacher’s Certificate, Type A and Type B
  • Elementary Principal’s Certificate, US and Canadian
  • Master of Arts Degree (Child Research & Development)
  • Completion of PhD. academic courses and PhD. General Exams


  • 2001 Winner-Canadian Literacy Awards-Canada Post,
  • Educator Category
  • 1998 Write for Canada Selection (January, 1999)-Chapters (Canada)-for Teach Your Children Well
  • 1987 Parents’ Choice Award-to Math Tutor
  • 1986 Curriculum Digest Award-Top 10 Software Products (Math Tutor)