We are Now Live All Over the World! Update Sept 19 2020


Official Launch

As of Tuesday late afternoon, we have successfully launched the first segment of our digital app.  The initial 30 lessons of Teach Your Children to Read Well  are available through our Digital Learning APP. A few days before, a sample pack of the first 5 lessons was offered for free.  We have a TRY  IT – BUY IT program so that parents, teachers and therapists can road-test our app before opting in.

We have had potential clients download the free lessons. We have had clients just step up and buy the first 5 lessons.  Packs of 5 lessons are available for US$ 16.95. 

One therapist from our testing group has already taught one beginning reader the first 10 lessons and is moving into the 3rd block of lessons. He reported that the app ran smoothly. Just as important, the student was excited, cooperative and learning!


Now we have to get the word out. We selected homeschoolers as our first market. We have ads in two of their leading magazines which are arriving now. We have two e-mail campaigns to many thousands of homeschool families and an article in the smaller of the two magazine`s virtual offering.


Sales should develop as the marketing takes hold. We will continue to work the homeschoolong market and will launch into the therapist market within a few days. We have a 50,000 email blitz followed by a second 30,000 e-mail blast in the next 2 weeks. We are arranging a three-part webinar program with BDS (Behavior Development Solutions) for October and early November. The webinars will advertised by BDS beginning almost immediately.


We do expect some customer service issues, especially with all of the different computer platforms ( Chrome,  Safari, etc ) and devices ( computers, Ipads. Android products etc.), but we will deal with them as they arise. So far there have been no major issues since our last upgrades.

We also need to set a pricing structue for multiple licenses for groups like schools, libraries and other community reading programs whenever they resume.

We are now almost in a position to send perks to many of our backers. Once the process has been designed and tested, we will begin to distribute the perks that backers selected. 

The Pressure

Some of the pressure has been released by reaching the point where we can bring a working product to market. There is still plenty of risk and hard work in front of us. We have databases to build and maintain, marketing campaigns to create and put into play, SEO targets to set and meet or surpass. We have a very skinny marketing budget and are relying on sales to allow us to expand it. We have more development to do to reach a second product of 60 lessons in total. This was a milepost, but do not mistake it for a finish line. 

Thanks for all of you help that made this mission possible.


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