Free Reading Assessment Test

Level 2: Grades 3 to 4

Have the student read the following story aloud. Listen carefully. Count the number of miscalled, added or omitted words.

Test Story: At the Circus

Today the circus was in town. It was a chance to see lions and tigers and clowns in bright costumes. I especially wanted to watch the famous flying pigeons. I visited their giant cage. I did a quick count. There were probably fifty pigeons inside. All of them had beady eyes as black as coal. They ruffled their glistening feathers. I stared at them but they ignored me. The announcer stepped up to the podium. There was a thunder of applause. I raced up the stairs to my seat. The circus was about to begin.

More than 4 errors? PLEASE SEE BELOW

Begin with Level 2 Curriculum. Your student is reading at a Grade 3 Level or below.

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