Free Reading Assessment Test

Level 3: Grades 5 to 6

Have your child read the following story aloud. Listen carefully. Count the number of miscalled, added or omitted words.

Test Story: Quite an Experience

Here I was, standing in astonishment at the top of a gigantic skyscraper! The full moon was massive and seemed to hover straight overhead. Its brilliance reflected off the surface of the windows of each building surrounding me. I gasped slightly at the chill of the night and began to lament that I had not worn warmer garments. The mayor of our city, who was a notoriously dapper politician, and two jubilant astronauts were standing nearby, along with other equally captivated officials of the community. They all were watching with awe a group of amateur but nimble and very athletic entertainers who were performing a complex sequence of spectacular somersaults. I had never had an aversion to heights but I knew that I would never be courageous enough to join them so far from the ground. What an amazingly dramatic and splendid experience!

More than 4 errors? PLEASE SEE BELOW

Begin with Level 3 Curriculum. Your student is reading at a Grade 5 Level or below.

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