Free Spelling Assessment Test 2

Maloney Method - Spelling Assessment Test #2


Dictate the ten words below to the student at a rate of one every fifteen seconds (four per minute).

Instruct the student to print each word as you say it.

Check each word as the student prints it to see if it is correct. As soon as the student has made three mistakes, cease the testing and begin Lesson 1 of Level 2 Spelling.

Test Words – Level 2: Junior

  1. down
  2. truck
  3. mask
  4. close
  5. stitch
  6. zone
  7. bunch
  8. join
  9. begin
  10. fudge
  11. rink
  12. rock
  13. catch
  14. huge
  15. blast

Less than 3 errors?

Nice! Your student is spelling at a Junior level!

More than 3 errors?

Begin with Level 2 Spelling Lesson 1.


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