Rote Counting Skills from 10 to 20 – the “teens” issue

Rationale: In this exercise we will teach rote counting from 10 to 20 and practice until the fluency level of 150 counts/minute with 2 or fewer errors is reached. Now that the student has met the fluency standard for counting to 10, we can add the next step. Teaching the next ten digits has aContinue reading “Rote Counting Skills from 10 to 20 – the “teens” issue”

Rote Counting Skills from 1 to 10 (Forward)

Rationale Until a student has well-developed counting skills, all other aspects of arithmetic will be difficult or impossible to do. Fluent counting skills are the basis for most other activities in arithmetic. There are a number of different components that students need to be taught before they attempt to learn more advanced arithmetic operations suchContinue reading “Rote Counting Skills from 1 to 10 (Forward)”

Teaching Arithmetic Skills – Let’s Get Started!!

In the next number of posts, I am going to provide parents, tutors, teachers, therapists and aides with actual lessons that you can use with children who have non-existent or weak counting skills. I will be posting 2 lessons per week for the foreseeable future. From time to time, I will likely change topics toContinue reading “Teaching Arithmetic Skills – Let’s Get Started!!”