In the Belly of the Beast – Update on DRP May 29, 2020


I haven’t heard from Andrew in days. I see a constant steam of emails passing between him and Michael Summers – all very technical, all in Geek. I have no idea where we are except that Andrew is in the belly of the beast.  He and Michael seem calm and organized, so I am going to leave them be. The last time he poked his head out, he was working on small adjustments to the first five lessons. They have gone well.

       We have had good success with gaining attention with our free lessons that Wilf, Sharon, and 99.5 HitsFM have attracted. We have almost 200 families that have downloaded materials.  There is also a pattern developing. At first, these parents and teachers are downloading a few lessons. Usually about a week later, they return and download a whole lot more.

    There will be a follow-up article in the 7070 District newsletter this month and a continuation of the public service announcement by 99.5 HitsFM. 

     Since I have the e-mails for each downloader, i sent them an invitation to a zoom session to answer questions and provide guidance. The gathering was small, but highly engaging.  They are eager for more. I expect to continue these sessions on a regular schedule.

     We have funds for June and expect that other services by the company will keep us afloat until we can get to market. Mark Bishop is beginning to sketch out marketing options.

Screen Shot of the Classroom, Adding a Student

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