Maloney Method


Buried Treasures from the Vault

Part 1 of a Series – September 1980 – From the QLC Archives – The first published reading data using the Behavior Analysis, Direct Instruction, Precision Teaching amalgamated system now known as Maloney Method.

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School-Reach Projects, Literacy Competitions – Update Mar 3 2020

March certainly feels like it is coming in like a Lion! Here are some highlights and headlines.
We have joined a competition sponsored by World Vision…

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Incredible Breakthroughs! Update to MM Digital Learning, Feb 20 2020

Update to MM Digital Learning – A banner week!
The 1st Breakthrough – multiple teachers can access…
The 2nd Breakthrough – the charting system that displays the data…

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New Help Video – Signing Up for Free Lessons and Signing In to the APP

Now that we have 60 lessons in the Maloney Method Digital Learning APP, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to use those lessons. The 60 lessons cover all of Level 1 Reading. The student is taught over 60 phonics, and how to blend sounds together to make words. And every…

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More Lights at the End of the Tunnel – Update Nov 7 2020

Sometimes, the lights at the end of a tunnel signal a train is coming. Sometimes, it means you have found your way out of the tunnel. This has been a week with some closure in a couple of areas, namely development and marketing. here’s what’s happening.  Development On October 24th, we had a couple of…

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Another Problem Bites the Dust – Update Oct 30 2020

Development Last week we got broadsided by a technical problem.  A client reported gaps and slowness with the reading app.  We hoped that it was just a client with slow Internet, an old computer or someone living in a remote area. It turned out to be more than that. A quick survey indicated a wider…

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YIKES! Right Out of Left Field – Update Oct 24, 2020

This week we had a customer call to complain that the reading software was running slowly. It was slow to load and had gaps between the tasks.  Andrew checked it and found that the complaint was valid for slow internet connections.  We had not run into that in our alpha testing. Our group of beta…

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A Short Report, Steady Progress – Update Oct 18 2020

Here’s a quick note on our progress with the digital learning system. New lessons being loaded into app. Lesson 40 – 45 of 60 of Level 1 Reading.  No major technical problems, just pesky stuff. New Orleans Charter school project still on hold due to hurricanes. Sales are beginning, but slow. Good feedback so far….

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Steady, Steady – Update Oct 3 2020

I have a number of webinars between October 15 and November 9th with behavior therapists… a six-part set of free webinars on the methods used by our app. The attending therapists can…

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The Beat Goes On – Update Sept 4 2020

Technology There are fewer flaws in our app as a result of this week’s testing. We are still trapping bugs and will continue to do so. We have expanded our group of testers and will continue to add to their numbers as fixes are made so that each latest version can be vetted by “new…

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