The Criticism Trap – Catch’Em Being Good!

Part 3 of a series – The Criticism Trap List for Teachers Yes, you got that right. Nice Work ___________________ Good job __________________ ! Great job___________________ ! Right On! All right! Way to go! Fine work. Excellent _______________ Wonderful Superb Correct! Marvelous Great improvement! That was perfect You got it! Very nice Good Way toContinue reading “The Criticism Trap – Catch’Em Being Good!”

Teaching the Distractible Student Effectively – Strategies

Part 2 of a Series: Teaching the Distractible Student Effectively The Good Behavior Clock Setting a kitchen timer for short periods of attentive work is another option. If the child can generally work for ten minutes, but then begins to drift then the timer could be set initially for ten minutes. As the child earnsContinue reading “Teaching the Distractible Student Effectively – Strategies”

School-Reach Projects, Literacy Competitions – Update Mar 3 2020

March certainly feels like it is coming in like a Lion! Here are some highlights and headlines.
We have joined a competition sponsored by World Vision…

Incredible Breakthroughs! Update to MM Digital Learning, Feb 20 2020

Update to MM Digital Learning – A banner week!
The 1st Breakthrough – multiple teachers can access…
The 2nd Breakthrough – the charting system that displays the data…