Little to Say, Lots to Do – Update on DRP June 27 2020


Getting the hay ready while the sun shines…

This was a week of consolidating gains. While it is critical, it is like watching grass grow in August.

Rotary starts a new year  at the beginning of July so we are staying well away until the dust settles. More than 13,000 free Maloney Methos lessons in reading and math have been downloaded by more than 250 families from more than a dozen countries. They keep comong back for more – a good sign.

Finances are tight by stable and under control. As a result of giving our lessons away for free, our book sales have taken a major hit. We are monitoring the situation and will react if forced to.

 Marketing plans are being built and reviewed. We now have 4 interviews and webinars in place for July/August. 

Just need to get safely to the Finish Line.

Hang in with us. We still need your moral support and your ability to spread the word.



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