New Decisions – Update on DRP July 3 2020

This week we will upload lessons up to Lesson # 25. Next week, we expect to reach Lesson 30, the halfway mark for Level 1. As a hardcopy product, this is a complete set of 3 books. To keep consistent with our books, we have decided to publish the first 30 lessons and not wait until we have all 60. 

This decision means shifting our attention to marketing. We will open 3 markets simultaneously; a) the behavior therapists (80,000)  b) the homeschool market (millions) and c) the learning centres and tutorial services (several thousand).

 We have at least 100,000 leads in these markets already. We have set up a marketing plan to bring notice of our product to 300,000 homeschoolers, 80,000 therapists and 150 learning centres that already use one or more of the methods built into our reading program.

  We now expect to be ready to launch on August 12th,
one year to the day from our fundraising launch.

August 12, 2020 Digital Reading Program

In preparation, I have joined with several other companies in these markets to present webinars and e-mail blasts to potential customers in all 3 markets. Our first webinar is on July 8th, a second on July 15 and a third on July 17th. I expect to do approximately a dozen webinards before the August 12th  launch. There will be other communications by the Old Schoolhoue Magazine to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twtiier. We are working to set up other e-mail contacts with BDS, a behavioral services company in Connecticut.

Preparation for the marketing will begin in earnest in one week. Andrew will be more intensely involved with Mark Bishop as we move forward.

The earlier lauch should result in an earlier revenue stream.

Things are still relatively fluid at this point, but the direction and costs are fairly well established.

The next few weeks will be hectic and hopefully resoundingly successful.


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