More Bricks in the Wall – Update Nov 14 2020


We have had a generous offer from retired Director of Special Education, Dr. Dot, (aka Dr. Will Burrows) to underwrite 50% of the cost of the first 60 lesson program for the first 25 public school teachers in the USA who purchase the program.  They will get the software for $49.95.

Dr. Dot got his nickname from his use of the Precision Teaching charts. Dr. Dot definitely cares enough to chart!

Will is hoping to kickstart some exposure in public schools where, in his career, he saw a great need for a program like this.  We will keep you posted.

Overall this has been a quieter week in development. Andrew is loading and testing lessons up to Lesson 41-50, stopping only to help new clients with customer service issues. Mark is mastering Infusionsoft and launched a campaign to 5,000 Linked-In contacts. I have been chasing money to keep the doors open.

We expect to deliver our first Rotary sponsored gift to a New Orleans charter school in the next few days. We are contacting other NOLA charter schools who do appear receptive.  More on that as it emerges.

Our marketing to homeschoolers continues on track with an arrangement with Parenting Special Needs magazine.

We are trying to make our best use of SEO marketing strategies using our restricted sales and marketing funds until we can either grow sales or find an investor.

Be even more careful to avoid the Corona virus by practicing good public health measures to the letter. We need each and every one of our backers.


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