More Lights at the End of the Tunnel – Update Nov 7 2020


Sometimes, the lights at the end of a tunnel signal a train is coming. Sometimes, it means you have found your way out of the tunnel. This has been a week with some closure in a couple of areas, namely development and marketing. here’s what’s happening. 


On October 24th, we had a couple of customers contact us to report that the software program was slow to load and had gaps between the presentation of parts of the lesson.  When we contacted others, we found that there were a few that were experiencing lags with the program. Michael and the Nesda team made several adjustments to the program. Today, we have reports that these problems no longer exist. There is now an option to run the software as a lower visual resolution to prevent the streaming from having gaps.  We will continue to monitor the situation to make sure that the problem remains resolved.


Although sales are slow, we are getting a steady sign up for the “TRY IT” five free lesson program. We expect that these leads will turn into sales once the client has finished the free trial lessons.  With American Thanksgiving, the recent election and Christmas looming in the future, we expect sales to remain slow until the New Year. We will be launching a new marketing campaign within the next ten days to about six thousand potential clients who have sought us out on Linked In.  The campaign will use the Infusionsoft automatic e-mail delivery system for several e-mail contacts to each of these individuals.

I have now completed a series of three 2-hour webinars to behavior therapists with the assistance of Steve Eversole and his staff at Behavior Development Solutions. Each webinar attracted more registrants than the preceding one, such that we had approximately three hundred registrants for the final session.  Many of these therapists work in agencies with other teams of colleagues and will likely share their information.   

We also made audio transcripts and the PowerPoint slide presentation available so that they can review or share the information more easily. I will continue to make these presentations whenever possible.

Some people see the tunnel. Some people see the lights.

The NOLA charter school Rotary project

 Now that Hurricane Zeta has passed through New Oleans and election day is over, we have been able to make contact with some New Orleans charter schools. We now have our first school that has agreed to pilot the digital program. I have made contact with several more in the last couple of days and expect to have 5-6 charter schools on board within the next two weeks.

Last Monday, I was invited as the guest speaker on literacy to the Rotary Club of Trenton’s virtual meeting. The audience liked the presentation as judged by their numerous questions. I will attempt to speak to other Rotary clubs as the opportunity presents itself.


We will soon have our 2019 annual financial statements.  I do not expect a pretty picture. I am being coached by my daughter, Kim, who has been working for a medical startup company in Vermont. She suggests that we need to consider raising some capital for marketing and future development. She is a graduate of the London School of Economics in international finance and has been instrumental in raising money for the startup company for whom she works. To move forward, we needed to get our financial statements up to date and ready to present to potential investors, a number of whom she knows and has worked with. I will keep you apprised of events if and when they emerge.  i would not expect much in the way of results until next year. 

Meanwhile, we are managing expenses as best we can.


Andrew will create a special product for the charter schools and the Amarok Society. I will begin to make arrangements with Angela Macri to provide copies to Amarok Society. Individuals receiving the software perk will be notified as soon as the last ten lessons are edited and placed into the system. This should be all wrapped up by Christmas. More on that later as we proceed.

Thanks for taking the time to keep informed. Thanks for your continued concern and support.

Stay Well! Regards,


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