Newly Added PERK: Donate 1YR Subscription to Mother Learning How to Read


We are excited to announce a new perk in our digital reading program project. Some of our backers are donating their purchased subscriptions to the Amarok Society.

The Amarok Society’s work is simple – teach a mother in Bangladesh with no access to education how to read. She then teaches 5 children what she has learned. 

The Amarok Society teaches Bangla, English, and arithmetic. They use digital tablets and have a small network of schools to do this important work. But they need good reading programs. They need your support.

Claim this featured perk!
1 Year Subscription Donated to the Amarok Society – 60 lessons, covering the 1000 most common words in English, empowering mothers and students to read 85% of all written material.

You are not just helping a good organization. You are helping one mother teach five children and change an entire community forever! Available until the end of our fundraising campaign!

For more on the Amarok Society, click here:

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