One Foot in Front of the Other – Update on DRP – Mar 12, 2020


Much of the next couple of months is simply going to be slogging through the process of loading lessons into the shell and testing them.  This is Andrew’s bailiwick with some guidance from Nasda. I do not envy him.

       There will be a few reshoots to improve the overall quality of the product which we will do in the first week or two of April.

        The rest of our time will be dedicated to marketing to charter schools, homeschooling families and therapists who work with a variety of children-at-risk.

1. We will be working with Past President of Rotary International Wilf Wilkinso and a Past District Govenor Brian Hall who has contacts in New Orleans. We intend to complete arrangements for our first pilot project in a New Orleans Charter School. We will set up one complete classroom in a needy charter school of 20-25 students for an annual fee of US$1000.00.

       2. We will begin an advertising campaign with The Old Schoolhouse Magazine to reach 300,000 homeschooling families.

       3. I will be contacting 150 learning centers who already use the measurement system to provide them an opportunity to purchase the instructional benefits of the digital reading program. program.  It should save them reams of training and supervision time and costs.

       4. We will be in contact with an additional 40,000 therapists in a series of advertisements in newsletters over a six month period to introduce the reading program to them. Many of these therapists are familiar with our work because of our long history in the field.

        5. We will also provide Amarok Society with sufficient subscriptions to meet their current needs. These are gifted to them by backers who do not have a need for the program and wish to help the Mothers of Intention in teaching slum children in Dahka, Bangladesh..

The Old Schoolhouse reviewed our program when first published.

      We will market both a full-year subscription (US$149.50/year) and a monthly subscription (US$14.95/ month).

Thanks for taking the time to stay current. Any and all feedback is welcome.


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