Poised for Progress – Update #43 on DRP – Feb 14, 2020

My dear Backers,

The wait is over. Nesda has completed their unexpected project and as of Monday will return to developing the shell for our Digital Reading System. We have a new projected completion date of the end of the first week in March. At that point, we expect to integrate the first set of 10 lessons into the management shell. 

Andrew expects to have 10 completed lessons available by that deadline. 

I expect to speak with Wilf Wilkinson in the coming days to ascertain any progress he has made in contacting with the San Antonio district Rotarian leaders who will have returned from their California conference. 

Once we have more substantial information regarding the process of synthesizing the lessons and its management shell, we will commence with the marketing efforts. We are going to be careful not to promote sales of the system until we are satisfied that we can deliver on any promises made.

We have a number of individuals and learning centres who are willing to beta test the program as soon as it is ready.

At this moment, we are slightly over budget by approximately $1000.00 and will be doing our best to make up the difference from the various activities of the company. The  overrun situation is annoying but not dangerous at this juncture. 

Thanks for your patience and your continued support.



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