Thank You Everyone! Fundraising Mission Completed!


This last week has meant all the difference! We have reached 101% of our goal! Target Reached!

With the end of the week, we are wrapping up the final hours of the fundraising project. This means we are moving into production of our digital reading program.

We will contact all contributors and perk subscribers in the next little while to say thank you personally. 

Right now, there are over 10 million students in North America alone struggling with learning how to read. They will become illiterate. They need a consistent, reliable and supportive reading program proven to work with at-risk kids, ASD children, ADHD students and more.

Our reading program in book form, Teach Your Children to Read Well, has done just that with over 100,000 students. Centres in Canada, The US, and Hong Kong have used our reading program and on average kids gain 2 years of reading levels in just 1 year.

Now imagine if we made that reading program digital. The presentation of lessons will be consistent, reliable and easily repeated. Educators can sit with children and focus on the progress of the child and the management of the child rather than worrying about presenting lessons.

Educators win!
Parents win!
But most important – the struggling child wins!

With more good readers, every community gets stronger too!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support, your shares, your contributions, and your dedication to real change in education!


Look for our Digital Reading Program – coming to an App Store, Play Store and more soon!

This is the last chance to claim a subscription 
to our digital reading program at 


Click on a perk now before we come in for a landing and get down to work!

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