This Week’s Featured Perk: 2 Year Subscription, September 3 – 10, 2019


Imagine a K-4 Reading Program delivered on your mobile tablet or device. 120 lesson2!

This subscription saves time and stress for teachers, tutors, parents and education therapists! 

But more importantly, our digital reading program delivers consistent and reliable lessons to the students. No more frustration or confusion!

This the power of direct instruction, clear objectives and measurement based on fluency! All from the successful Teach Your Children to Read Well print-&-paper program. With your help, we are taking things digital!

2 Year Subscription
120 lessons – Phonics, Sounding Out Words, Simple Correction Procedures ALL BUILT IN!
$100 (valued at $480, 79% off, available at time of fundraising campaign)You can use this with more than one student!

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