Case Study: Getting 9 Year Old Edward Back on Track

“I went everywhere else when I had no success with the school system and this was the only place where I saw the magic happen.”- Sue (Belleville, ON)

This is the story of a frustrated mom with a child at risk of academic failure who enrolled her son in our learning centre.

Falling Behind

At age 5, Edward’s kindergarten teacher noticed that he had poor motor skills, was having difficulty holding and using a pencil, could not easily form characters and usually did not complete written exercises.

At her suggestion, Edward began occupational therapy at his school. Not much changed. Later it became apparent that Edward was also having issues learning to read. He began falling behind. His confidence disintegrated. He often refused to try. Sue worked with him at home until both of them wound up in tears and she admitted defeat.

The Search for a Solution

She hired a series of home tutors, none of whom had much success. She then enrolled him in two different learning centers, Scholar’s Choice and Kumon. Again the results were disappointing and Edward continued to struggle and fall further behind.


A year ago, when Edward was about to begin 2nd Grade, Susan brought him to QLC Educational Services and enrolled him in our beginning reading program. By the end of the school year, Edward was at his grade level in reading. “He soared with the reading,” Sue said. “I knew it was working when he told me that it was his turn to read. Edward now reads everything, has regained his confidence and is ready to learn math.”


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