It Really Is Time to Start Winning the Battle Against School Failure!

Have you had enough of “winning” yet? Here’s an educational win with a mountain of proof and positive results to support it over the past 5 decades.

35% of our students are consistently failing because we fail to teach them. Nobody in education or education management seems to have an adequate solution, except to blame the student, his/her family or his/her environment. That is predominantly due to the fact that they refuse to investigate and implement methods that have been proven to work with all but an incredibly few very severely challenged students.

This method stood first in every category in the largest, most expensive, comparative study of educational methods ever conducted. Here is a 4 minute video that could change North American education in a generation.

This four minute video reports on the characteristics of Direct Instruction. If you are an educator, and not familiar with this method, you will benefit hugely from your 4 minute investment of time. If you are a parent, especially of a child at-risk, you need to learn about this method and pressure your school to get the staff trained to use it.


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