Reading Success – Right in front of your eyes! [VIDEO]


Reading improvement of a student using the Maloney Method materials and applying Precision Teaching to measure story reading fluency:

The video demonstrates the improvement in story reading of a young student named Elizabeth who attends the Fluency Factory, a behaviorally based learning center founded by Richard McManus in Hingham, MA.

The video depicts Elizabeth’s attempts to improve her story reading fluency by reading the story of “Boxing Bill” for one minute at the end of each tutorial session.

This story is the second story reading fluency check in the Maloney Method reading system. It appears as part of Lesson 15 in the beginning level of the reading program. At this point, Elizabeth is learning sounds and sound combinations, sounding out phonetically regular words, reading rhyming words and learning to read phonetically irregular words, among other things.

The system uses

  • Direct Instruction as its instructional design, 
  • Behavior analysis to reward appropriate behavior with praise, encouragement and (if necessary) points.
  • Precision Teaching as a measurement system to determine oral reading rates of corrects and errors and to develop fluent levels of decoding text.
  • Directed Practice under the watchful eye of the tutor to eradicate errors.
  • Independent Practice once the student has reduced errors to a minimum and can practice without supervision.

The combination of these behavioral methods have assisted more than 100,000 students to learn to read in the past 40 years. Click here for more information.

Thank you Richard and Elizabeth for sharing your success.



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