What Others Think of The Maloney Method



Credibility comes from others.  As the senior author and financial benefactor of my system of teaching, I have a clear conflict of interest. I want you to buy my books because I want your money. As a result of my conflict, every buyer is or at least should be a skeptic. They should adopt a “buyer beware” strategy. Anyone who gains from a sale has some degree of conflict of interest.  Some sellers declare their conflict; some do not. When others, like Mary Pride and her readers, recommend my reading system, people listen and they appreciate that these people have nothing to gain by their recommendation, except for the good feeling of passing on a great reference. I especially love it when someone, who is a complete stranger to me, actually sits down and takes the time to tell others about the Maloney Method system in detail. Here is someone who put a lot of thought into recommending us. My appreciation goes out to you.



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