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Practical Lessons for Teaching Counting Skills- Lesson 7

The One-Minute Teacher  TEACHES Rote Counting Skills From 1 to 100 Rationale: In this exercise we will combine the previous exercises to teach rote counting from 1 to 100. We will practice counting until the fluency level of 200 counts/minute with 2 or fewer errors is reached. Now that the student has met the fluency…

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An Alternative to Teacher-Generated “Lesson Plans”

Our garage is full of saved teacher materials. They were lesson plans devised by Lynne, my partner, for her elementary school core French classes. There are lessons, games, tests; all manner of instructional materials. When Madame, as she was lovingly known by her students, retired, a new French program was being introduced and no-one was…

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Why Teacher-Generated “Lesson Plans” are Dangerous

Many times, when a parent attends a teacher interview, the classroom teacher will describe for the parents what s/he intends to teach in a particular subject during this semester. These instructional strategies are often tied into themes that might last for a period of time or that might be related to a specific event. Themes…

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