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Online Education Now – New Resources – Update Feb 6 2021

Hi folks. Here’s what’s happening.

This week, we completed testing to make sure that our digital reading program works on cell phones and tablets in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  We also set up a system that assists…

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New Help Video – Adding a Student in the APP Classroom, Playing a Task Video

Now that we have 60 lessons in the Maloney Method Digital Learning APP, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to use those lessons with students. The 60 lessons cover all of Level 1 Reading. The student learns over 60 phonics and how to blend those sounds together to make words….

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New Year, New Update – Jan 23 2020

With the Christmas break, our continued launch into new markets, webinars and some associated issues, I did not write an update earlier this month. Time was given instead to the problems of the day. Here is what’s happening. Development We have decided to attempt to create our own charting system instead of teaming with some…

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