Teaching the Final “E” Rule in Spelling

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take the frustration and confusion out of spelling lessons? Here’s the good news – with the right instructional design, you can do just that! Here’s the better news – if you can follow a script, you can solve the problem! Here’s an example lesson covering the Final “e”…

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Teaching the “s”, “es” plural rule

I promised my readers that I would provide them with some real tools that they could use to teach their students real skills. I have already posted one rule about spelling entitled “A More Effective Way to Teach Spelling”. If you have not already done so I might suggest that you read it first. It…

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A More Effective Way to Teach Spelling

Most kids have had spelling instruction as part of their language arts curriculum. The most common strategy used by teachers is to provide the student with a list of 20 -25 words, usually each Monday and to ask the students to learn to spell those words for the test on Friday. You probably remember doing…

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