A Turn In The Right Direction – Update on DRP – May 15, 2020


More good news this week!
We are editing and loading  ever more lessons into the module. The reward system that awards students with points for diligent work is now heading towards completion. The measurement system for determining progress in how well the  student is learning sounds, words and stories is being programmed. This will likely be available for testing in a week. 

In the printed books, we provide tables at the end of the workbook. After each lesson, students get to see how many points they earned. These points can be used towards goals or rewards.

The data in the tables also provides us ways to help student progress and instructor planning. This is another way we turn confusion and frustration into clear direction and motivation! We want students to feel zero anxiety. Instead, just simple excitement about their progress and development. That’s the path toward self-motivated learning!

In future iterations, we may integrate other helpful items such at the Star Chart, which further motivates students, or Precision Teaching’s Standard Celeration Chart, which is the best way to represent student data on fluency checks.

Andrew is editing and loading lessons as fast as he can. We may have a prototype that we can begin beta testing by the end of the month.

Past International Rotary President Wilf Wilkinson arranged for a piece about our free lessons to be included in the Rotary District 7070 newsletter. This post goes to all Rotary members in 50+ clubs scattered across Central and Eastern Ontario; an area that has a population of more than 9,000,000 inhabitants.

Sharon McConnell, the Literacy Chair of Belleville Rotary, joined Wilf in an  interview with 95.5HitsFM. The interview and its public service announcement are now available for any other Rotary district to help spread the word about the 200 + free lessons in reading spelling and math for parents teaching at home during the pandemic.

A second blog will soon be posted by Rotary International to all parts of North America giving people news of the free lessons. If you know of a parent struggling with teaching reading, spelling or math, please forward them the link below.

 We are setting up our marketing program and will be ready to go to market as soon as the testing is complete, hopefully within a month.

Our backers should take a bow because numerous parents now have step-by-step lessons as a unexpected benefit of our need to raise our profile. We expect many of them will transition to the more easily used system when it becomes available.

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