Feels Like Groundhog Day – Update on DRP June 5, 2020

Webinar – Autism, Behavior Analysis, Education

      I am co-hosting with Adrianna Horne, the homeschooling mother of Samuel, an autistic 10 year old who has significantly improved his reading, math and language skills this year using Maloney Method. It will be a hands-on session with interactive features so that we can  answer therapist’s questions. 

         We are planning a webinar for  behavior therapists who work with children with deficiencies to see if we can get them to download more free lessons. The webinar is hosted by Behavior Development Solutions,  one of the premier training companies for therapists who wish to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts. The webinar has a small fee and provides Continuing Education Credits required annually by the therapist. 


      Andrew is now working on Lesson 11 of 60. There is still work to do on one part for all of the lessons, namely the measurement of the student’s progress. It should not be an overwhelming problem.  It is important for everyone to know that we are not scheduling a launch date. That date will be driven by the completion and testing of the program.  My team does not need the pressure of a “deliverables date”. They are doing everything humanly possible to complete the project as quickly as possible.  Kudos to Nesda and Andrew.

 The Rotary Free Lessons  Program

         Almost 200 individuals and/or families have now downloaded almost 5000 lessons in reading, math and/or spelling in the past 3 weeks. I did a Q&A session for anyone who signed into our free Zoom webinar. It was simply aimed at solving any problems they had encountered. 

         The lessons, thanks to Rotary, Wilf Wilkinson and Sharon O’Connell, have gone global. Wilf Wilkinson is now looking at new opportunities for the 2021 Rotary year that begins on July 1st.  Many Rotary initiatives have been interrupted by the COVID19 pandemic. Being completely digital, this project can safely assist parents and teachers until classes can begin again. 

         We are still running on an incredibly tight budget that allows for little more than the absolute basics, but we are assured of covering our costs for June at this point. I just downloaded a list of 9000 Angel Investors as a backup in case of emergency.  I also have been offered financial assistance, if we need it, by one of our backers. The BDS webinar will also bring in some revenue. 

        Your investment in our dream is safe for at least the next month.  I am not unduly concerned about the financing of the development at this point. Thanks for your faith in us. We will not let you down.


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