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Maloney Method with SPED Homeschool – Scientific Backing to Direct Instruction

What does it mean to say Direct instruction is the most effective education method out there? What does it mean to say this has scientific backing? And why is this not enough to persuade people to use Direct Instruction? What’s the issue? I talked to Peggy Ployhar from SPED Homeschool about direct instruction and other…

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Numeral Writing as an Introduction to Cursive Writing

Most people pay scant attention to cursive writing skills, but this inability can be a major barrier to completing written tasks, especially for children in elementary classrooms. Students are forced to rely on their printing skills when cursive is not carefully taught. Generally in elementary schools today, there is little formal instruction as to how…

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Count On It! – A Simple Solution for Gathering Frequency Data

One of the challenges of data collection is in the difficulty of recording an accurate count. Teachers and therapists cannot easily carry a clipboard and pen in classrooms or therapy sessions. Behavioral interventions require data. Decisions are made on the basis of the data collected. Decisions for program changes take into account the performance of…

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