Incredible Breakthroughs! Update to MM Digital Learning, Feb 20 2020

This has been a banner week. Have we got an update to the Maloney Method Digital Learning System for you!


This week we added two important segments to the digital reading product.

The First Breakthrough – an increase of instructors’ slots allowing the ability for more than one teacher to access an organization’s lessons and students. This allows much more flexible use of the program, especially in schools and clinics.

The Second Breakthrough – the completion of the design and build of the charting system that tracks, records and displays the data in chart form. This is particularly significant for therapists and teachers. 

Despite Om’s student visa issue, which delayed work on this part of the program, Nesda met their deadline with time to spare. We congratulate Michael Summers and the Nesda team for this quite incredible accomplishment. A shout-out also to Andrew Gilchrist who monitored the process and was on standby to assist.

Update to MM Digital Learning -Multiple Instructors Feature Operational
An Education Organization Can Now Have More Than One Instructor
Update to MM Digital Learning -Charting Feature Operational
Fully Integrated Charting System for Sound, Word and Reading Fluency Checks,
based on the Standard Celeration Chart


First and foremost, sales are gradually increasing. We are still forecasting a small loss at our year end in June, but it can be covered by the other streams of revenue available to the company. When we started planning this venture more than 3 years ago, we predicted that book sales would continue to drop as people used computers more fully. The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically hastened this process.  As predicted our hard copy book sales are still trending down. Hopefully our capacity to sell and service digital products will allow us to survive and prosper.

The Rotary NOLA project

With the exception of the Rotary free curriculum download project at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, every facet of our development has been plagued with difficulties. The New Orleans Charter school project has been no exception. Covid-19 and ensuing extended school closures have  been the greatest hindrances. Having Past International Rotary President, Wilf Wilkinson, fall and break a hip, and Past Rotary District Governor, Brian Hall dealing with family crises, we have yet to make our mark.

    But there is good news on the horizon. The news reports that as of this Monday, February 22nd, schools will reopen. We will allow them time to settle back into their routines and the make yet another attempt to land this endeavor. We have Rotary club sponsors willing to provide the software. We need to close the arrangement with the schools.

The Dr. Dot Teacher Support Program

We are finally beginning to make progress with Dr. Will Burrow’s offer to subsidize 25 American public school teachers for 50% of the cost of a copy of the digital reading program. The teacher pays $100. Dr. Dot matches  that amount and we supply that teacher with a deeply discounted copy of the digital reading program. The school may choose to reimburse the teacher’s share but that will occur on a case by case basis.


Mark Bishop continues to arrange and execute eblasts and articles to both the therapist and homeschool markets. Analysis indicates that the marketing is having the desired effect as indicated by the number of emails opened and the number of videos watched. Apparently, it takes about seven contacts to turn a prospect into a lead. We are contacting these prospects once or twice a month.

 I have been making personal phone call to every client who has downloaded the 5 Free Lesson “TRY IT” offer. I am seeking feedback, keeping close to our clients and hearing of both great successes and some problems, usually with the person’s ability with computers, which I personally completely understand.

To reduce these issues Andrew has written three “help” screens giving clear step-by step instructions.  I am also sending periodic emails to this group to assist them more widely in helping their child learn.

Here is the last one I sent.

12 Tips for Keeping Your Student’s Attention
While Teaching

A major factor for success lies in keeping the student’s attention while you are teaching. There are many ways to do this. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but some hints that may help.

  1. Use Direct Instruction curriculum wherever possible. They are structured and proven to work.
  2. Do a little each day, preferably at or about the same time each day so that it becomes part of their day
  3. Find the quietest spot available and make it a no-fly zone for others who would be distracting.
  4. Keep the lessons short 10-15 minutes for children 10 and under, no more than 20 minutes for older children.
  5. Praise the student for attempts. Do not assume that they should know this, even if you think you have taught it.
  6. Correct every error by showing the student the correct response. Do the task, don’t just talk about it.
  7. Vary the tasks within a lesson. Do one format for 1-2 minutes. Change to another task for 1-2 minutes, then return to the more difficult task for a second or even third attempt.
  8. Teach as quickly as possible. Slow teaching leads to students becoming distracted and disengaged..
  9. Play a game or some activity the student enjoys as a reward for working hard. Tic Tac Toe, Hangman, a card or board game for a short period, an iPad for a couple of minutes
  10.  Let the student earn points for treats or longer lasting activities. such as making cookies, or working on a puzzle together after the lesson. About once every 2 weeks announce a “doubles day” in which all points are doubled for a period of time determined by you. Set a timer. This is especially helpful in the first 5 minutes of the lesson to get the student settled and started.
  11. Celebrate improvement.
  12. Call if you need help 1-877-368-1513 in the Eastern Standard Time Zone. Leave a message, a time to call and your time zone on my voicemail.

Pass this on if you know someone who can use it.



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