Indiegogo Featured Us as “Promising Prospect”


Indiegogo has selected Maloney Method’s Digital Reading Program as one of four Promising Prospects the day after our launch. This is fantastic news and shows how much potential this project has for changing lives (and changing minds).

For a select period of time, an icon with the photo from our campaign will be placed as part of their home page, giving us more visibility and enabling potential contributors to click directly on our campaign.

This is a direct result of our successful launch and the hard work by our team. We touched every base, covered every detail and pushed the limits. Thank you team!

It is also due to our trusting, very generous sponsors who put their money where their hopes were. Thanks for being part of our tribe. Now let’s add people to the tribe. Tell everyone.

We get to work extra hard during the next 31 days to find the remaining $65,000 that we need to meet our second objective. When we reach our goals, we will unlock more perks for contributors, and share subscriptions to the digital reading program with worthwhile organizations. Internationally, we will be helping Amarok Society with teaching mothers and children in the slums of Bangladesh in learning how to read. More locally, we want to work with community organizations already serving the literacy needs for kids. Stay tuned for more details on how we can team up with Rotary Clubs to reach their education and literacy targets.


We have the plan. Share, Share, and Share again on Facebook, Linkedin, and on your websites. Get that essential word-of-mouth working its magic so that we can make an impact on education. It could be just the thing that takes the frustration and confusion off a struggling student.

Our digital reading program will be a benefit to teachers, tutors, homeschoolers, behavior therapists, education centres, and more!

Please click this link, contribute, and share!


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